Manjul Bhargava, Princeton University

Ramanujan’s Gems

Ramanujan’s work has had a truly transformative effect on modern mathematics, and indeed continues to do so as we understand further lines from his letters and notebooks. Dr. Bhargava presented some of the accessible gems of Ramanujan, and described some of the ways in which they have fundamentally changed modern mathematics (and indeed influenced our own work).

Speaker Profile

BhargavaManjul Bhargava is the R. Brandon Fradd Professor of Mathematics at Princeton University, the Stieltjes Professor of Number Theory at Leiden University, and also holds Adjunct Professorships at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, and the University of Hyderabad. He is known primarily for his contributions to number theory. Bhargava was awarded the Fields Medal in 2014.

Professor Bhargava is also an associate producer for the 2016 film The Man Who Knew Infinity, which is based on the 1991 book by Robert Kanigel. The film stars Dev Patel as Srinivasa Ramanujan, who after growing up poor in Madras, India, earns admittance to Cambridge University during World War I, where he becomes a pioneer in mathematical theories with the guidance of his professor, G. H. Hardy, played by Jeremy Irons.