Stuart Bale: University of California, Berkeley

The Sun’s “Dark Energy” Problem

Dr. Stuart Bale spoke to MSRI’s Math Lovers Forum in May 2019. In this video recording, Dr. Bale explains some of what we’ve learned about the sun’s structure and gives an overview of NASA’s ongoing Parker Solar Probe mission, including some exciting new results.

Math Lovers Forum at MSRI: Stuart Bale on “The Sun’s ‘Dark Energy’ Problem” from MSRI on Vimeo.

Stuart Bale is a University of California, Berkeley professor of physics, former director of the campus’s Space Sciences Laboratory (SSL) and one of four principal investigators for the instruments aboard the Parker Solar Probe. In addition, his SSL research group participated in NASA’s STEREO mission studying the generation and evolution of Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) phenomena. Bale’s main research is focused on developing experiments to understand the role of plasma dynamics and magnetic fields in the large-scale evolution of astrophysical systems.